TEDxVilnius 2016 - one of the most watched TEDx this year!

This year the simulcast numbers are amazing - we had more than 7.3k unique and 11.3k total views from all around the world with average 20mins spent watching and generated more than 88k minutes watched in total.

April 07, 2016

Don't hide - seek involvement and join NGO

At TEDxVilnius 2016: hide and seek, we had a wall, where we invited all enthusiastic, willing and experienced attendees to join Lithuanian NGOs and use their professional skills in developing them. Here is the list of NGOs.

April 06, 2016

Join official curated simulcast at National Gallery of Art!

Join official simulcast at National Gallery of Art, where you will be able to meet some of the speakers, TEDx enthusiasts and the team.

March 29, 2016