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Join TEDWomen Official Simulcast in Vilnius!

Live from San Francisco! On 27th October, we'll gather at Rise Vilnius for TEDWomen 2016 official simulcast.

October 19, 2016

TEDxVilniusED brings education enthusiasts together!

On 28th January 2017, TEDxVilniusED will bring together education enthusiasts, teachers, innovators, parents and children to Arts Printing House.

October 16, 2016

TEDxVilnius 2016 - one of the most watched TEDx this year!

This year the simulcast numbers are amazing - we had more than 7.3k unique and 11.3k total views from all around the world with average 20mins spent watching and generated more than 88k minutes watched in total.

April 07, 2016