Announcing first speakers for the TEDxVilnius 2015 event!

We’re proudly presenting first four speakers for TEDxVilnius 2015 | Pale Blue Dot event: Lawrence Lessig Lawyer and activist Lawrence Lessig spent a decade arguing for sensible intellectual property law, updated for the digital age. He was a founding board member of Creative Commons, an organization that builds better copyright practices through principles established first by the open-source software community.

February 17, 2015

TEDxVilnius 2015 | Pale Blue Dot: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

“From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it's different. Consider again that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.“ -- Carl Sagan The Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken in 1990 by the Voyager 1 space probe from a then-record distance of about 6 billion kilometers from Earth. Inspired by this fascinating picture, and by the principle idea it represents, this year TEDxVilnius team invites you to reflect on the biggest contradictions and crucial subjects of today. You will spend the day engaged in deep discussions with outstanding speakers and wonderful crowd!

February 09, 2015

Register for the third TEDxVilniusSalon on Feb 9th!

Hi TEDx’ers! The third TEDxVilniusSalon will take the place on Monday, February 9th in an exclusive environment of Vilnius International Airport. This time we will tackle the topic of smart and flying unmanned aircraft and space systems. We will talk about drones and their potential to change the world by its widely usage from film making, package delivery, assisting farmers up to its impact on shifting the whole transportation paradigm. As well as satellites and its applications for science and business.

February 03, 2015


Lawrence Lessig
Julijonas Urbonas
Rodrigo Nieto
Monty Halls
Gintarė Eidimtaitė
Soul Moustache
Martynas Levickis & SinChronic
Kristina Gudžiūnaitė