Our team has a great proposal for you — do you want to become a part of TEDxVilnius conference? Yes, you still can! We invite everyone, who can not participate in the conference in person, to organize the Simulcast event!


Each TEDxVilnius event is broadcast live over the internet to a number of venues — so this is a great opportunity for those who are unable to attend the event to see and hear all the speakers and also to become a part of this conference! You can watch it by sitting in front of your computer, but we sugest to form groups and organize small events. Invite your friends and watch the conference together at cafeteria, school, university, etc. You can organize a variety of activities — discussions, workshops, and even invite a few speakers to talk during the breaks — be as creative as you can.

Important@ TEDxVilnius

If you decide to host a simulcast event, please, do not forget to mention that this event is organized under the flag of TEDxVilnius.
You can name it for ex.: TEDxVilnius@University.
It is important, because TEDxVilnius needs to follow the strict guidelines set by the TED organisation with regard to branding the event.
The simulcasts are very important in spreading the ideas discussed at TEDxVilnius, and this is a perfect way to share your thoughts and ideas about the things you've seen. It is much more attractive and interesting than watching it alone with a cup of coffee.

What do you need to host a TEDxVilnius 2014 Simulcast:
• a venue
• beamer and projector screen
• a computer and speakers
• good internet access
• open-minded people, who would like to share their ideas and discuss!

Pay attention!

TEDxVilnius Simulcast Event must be free of charge, except drinks and food.
We'd like you to take pictures of what you decide to do, and send them to us, even if it's just few people in someone's living room and a computer screen. Please send your pictures during event to aiste@tedxvilnius.com.
If you have some questions, please contact Aiste at aiste@tedxvilnius.com.