LIŪDNI SLIBINAI (en. Sad Dragons) is a theatrical music band created by the Lithuanian actors of the new generation. Fusing together classical Lithuanian poetry with the modern sound, these musical hooligans cannot be pigeon-holed into any conventional genre. The group is well known for its energetic performances, stage antics, positive sadness, witty and self-deprecating irony.
The group’s music is an original take on well-known Lithuanian poetry or folk songs lyrics incorporating
pop, rock, hip-hop and even drum&bass elements. Borrowing the lyrics from the poems by such Lithuanian classical poets as Maironis, K. Donelaitis, A. Baranauskas, J. Marcinkevičius, H. Radauskas, these hooligans-actors-musicians-comedians touches upon the issues that the modern man faces.
Over a short period of five years since its inception, the Liūdni Slibinai has been awarded the Best Lithuanian Band title, and has performed around 250 concerts in the largest Lithuanian cities and festivals and brought their music to the UK, Germany, USA.
Lithuanian poetry incorporated in a modern sound, energetic theatrical performance with a twist of TEDx - this must be a perfect formula to get everyone out of their seats during TEDxVilnius!