Peter Madsen has been facinated with adventures under the sea since his childhood and in 2001 he designed the midget submarine "Freya". Peters dream was as much to be under water, as it was to experiment and build a fantastic underwatership. During the summer of 2001, the small submarine took shape and by Spring 2002, Mr. Madsen became the first private submarine captain in his country as he took command of Freya during her fist test dive.

In the following years Mr. Madsen has dived more than a thousand times with Freya, while also having found the time to design and build two larger and more advanced submarines "Kraka" and finally "Nautilus". Hundreds of people have sailed with the three submarines and enjoyed the magic experience of gliding under the waves. His last submarine is still the world longest amateur build submarine, and during 2006 - 2010 it was also used as his private home.