Vaiva during and after her studies passionately travelled, climbed mountains, experienced lots of so called extreme activities and various challenges. All the time and in perspective of this period she is astonished by the CHANGE – how much we can broaden our limits. And especially she likes watching the change in others – it’s quite the main reason she joined the program “Renkuosi mokyti!” (eng. Let’s Teach!) and became a teacher in 2011. “These two years of teaching were like climbing mountains – it’s amazing how intensively we can grow, both teachers and students! And that we can witness changes every day – it’s incredible how much children can grow and accomplish if we give them challenges, support, direction. They can climb amazingly high mountains if we talk, listen to them and believe in them.” In TEDxVilnius Vaiva together with two “Renkuosi mokyti!” teachers Julija Ladygiene and Vytautas Miezys would share the point of view about CHANGE and that teachers can have the joy and privilege of witnessing this change in children.