Andrew Crysell is founder of cultural insights and innovation agency, Crowd DNA, a hotbed of creative thinking, innovative methodologies and powerful storytelling techniques. All of them are used to help clients such as Facebook, Twitter, Red Bull, Disney, Sony Music and Peroni keep in tune with increasingly empowered and demanding global audiences. 

One of Crowd DNA’s most longstanding projects is UK Tribes for broadcaster Channel 4, a longitudinal study of how young people shape their identities - this in turn leading to their Global Youth Tribes Framework, which helps brands understand differences and commonalities in youth culture around the world. 

Prior to Crowd DNA, Andrew formed content of Ramp which he eventually sold to celebrated creative agency St Luke’s and not long after whose board he sat on. And even before that he worked on dotcom start-ups, and as a journalist, covering music in detail alongside regular forays into film, technology, gaming, innovation, media and social change. 

We are happy he brings his story and experience to TEDxVilnius stage!