Meet Benediktas Vanagas, racer and the Privateer category winner of Dakar 2015 – most challenging race in the world. Benediktas became best between private teams and with already 3 Dakar’s behind his shoulders he is one of the youngest drivers among the leaders. 18 years of experience in rally, racing, cross country and off road he is named one of the most versatile rally drivers in Europe.

Benediktas made Dakar so popular in Lithuania where 100% of population knows it and 69% are interested in it. Dakar is like a diamond he says: it has so many different angles where each of them shows different values – speed, challenge, personalities, teamwork, beautiful nature, highest technologies and so on. It has synergy between values and that is one of the reasons why business supports the sports. And why Dakar is so popular worldwide? Because it is a most known challenge. Everybody has his own Dakar – can be often heard from Benediktas. 

Besides leading National automobile club of Lithuania Benediktas is also a very socially active person. By showing an example of motivation he became a road safety ambassador, founded Velomarathon - the biggest cycling event in the region with over 10 000 cyclists. He has changed an attitude to these kind of sports to many people and now he comes to TEDxVilnius to change yours!