For the past decade, artist Eames Demetrios has been traveling our linear world installing markers and historic sites that honor events from a parallel world he calls Kcymaerxthaere. 

This global project is a vast, interwoven work of 3-dimensional fiction–like a novel with every page in a different place. Even where one reads such a page influences how one visualizes that particular story. Kcymaerxthaere also connects communities through shared interpretations of the stories in drawings, weavings and other crafts. Currently, there are 104 markers and historic sites installed in 22 countries on 6 continents. Lithuania appeared on this list when in 2013 Eames came to Vilnius and left a footprint in Užupis names after “The City of Justice”. Eames is going to install the second marker in Lithuania right after giving a talk at TEDxVilnius.

When Demetrios is not found as the Geographer-at-Large he is found exploring film, art and preserving the design legacy of Charles and Ray Eames as Director of the Eames Office and Chairman of the Board of the Eames Foundation. He currently continues his exploration of the parallel world in the hope to inspire people to see the world fresh–to see new possibilities in the world around them. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.