Laimonas Briedis is a native of Vilnius and currently a resident of Vancouver, Canada. A writer by vocation and cultural geographer by education with a doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia. Laimonas has written a critically acclaimed work Vilnius: city of strangers. The widely reviewed book was described by The Economist as a “subtle and evocative” portrait of the city, leaving readers with a sense of being “stalked by horror and steeped in wonder” as they follow the story of Vilnius through darkest chapters of European history. 

Vilnius, writes Briedis, is a city of contrapositions, an ancient and multilingual town located at the geographical center of Europe with little resonance on the expanding global mind of modern world. Briedis research puts emphasis on the cosmography of Vilnius without keeping individual, personal or forgotten cartographies of the place out of sight, and through his writing, travels and teaching career he seek to re-address the feeling of Vilnius being lost in modern space by tracing and upholding to the legacy of the city’s global connections.

Currently, he is working on the project in digital humanities with the emphasis on the polyphonic mapping of Vilnius literature and writing an epistolary tale of the twentieth century travails of his family.  We are excited to meet Laimonas in person on TEDxVilnius stage!