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Problem solver. Life learner. Life explorer. Anything and everything is possible. That is just a few descriptions about Muezz. Putting himself outside his own comfort zone is his greatest strength. But he was not born with this mindset. Muezz grew up in one of the most culturally diversified suburbs in Sweden. Over there he learned about different cultures and being a part of boy scouts at 8 years learned him to be “always ready”. 

After high school he decided to move to Beijing, China and afterward to Tokyo, Japan. Studying Mandarin and Japanese at the Language schools wasn’t enough so he used all possible venues to experience casual conversations. After he returned to Sweden in 2011 he got a job in sales which he actually did not want. However working with some of the best sales people around, he was forced to catch up with his peers and went through his greatest upgrade of the mind. 

In 2014 he started up some personal projects. is the blog where he gathers his experiences in fitness, health, language and life learning. In the end of the year he launched his own clothing brand GRIT. Currently he is teamed up with Bliu Bliu and Claudio Santori and together they are showing how language learning can be made more effective. To prove their methodology they made a serie of youtube videos which went viral on local Lithuanian media.