"Soul goes for what we are, Moustache - for what we think we are. Our music - for what we have become being both”, - Vytis and Vytaute says.

Soul Moustache - still trying to name their style, but yet, no ideas show up. Except maybe this one: they’re playing not popular popular music. Band’s kernel is Vytaute Pupsyte and Vytis Smolskas. Vytis is best known for being a characteristic, a bit eccentric and one of the most interesting piano players in Lithuania, Vytaute - owner of an unique voice and especially sensitive worldview, which perfectly reflects on the songs she sings and creates. While blending their ideas and personalities in music, Vytis and Vytaute made quite an interesting and touching cocktail so that we all could drink it with our ears and eyes.

At the concerts Soul Moustache family grows big - voice of Vytaute and all kinds of keys Vytis play cooperates with all the band: guitar, bass guitar, drums and back vocals.