Danica Remy is a well-respected Silicon Valley strategist and operations executive. She has successfully led numerous startups, companies and nonprofits at the forefront of pioneering technology, internet services, education, scenario planning and philanthropy. She is a recognized expert in information technology, facilities, human resources, finance and government relations.

Currently, Danica serves as Chief Operating Officer of the B612 Foundation, which leads private sector efforts in research, analysis and systems design to protect Earth from dangerous Asteroids. Recently, she co-founded Asteroid Day a global  day of grassroots awareness and education about asteroids and planetary defense. The other co-founders are legendary Queen guitarist Dr Brian May, Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and German filmmaker Grigorij Richters. 

Danica Remy has a passion for getting things started and getting them right. In addition to being a Silicon Valley operative, she serves on the Boards of the Network for Good and the Greenwood School, as well as on the Finance committee for Long Now Foundation and is president of the Point Foundation, the former publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog.