Jurgis wants to make the world a better place, and music is his weapon of choice. That may sound like a naive teenage fantasy, but Jurgis is no adolescent. He’s a guy in his mid-30s who has thrived as a chameleon on the Lithuanian music scene for over 10 years. Unafraid to change creative colors, he has experimented with different styles and formats, won numerous awards, written many hits, and enjoyed other successes as a frontman, performer, producer, and public figure.

But Jurgis does not consider himself only a musician. With an academic background of Political Science and Business Administration, Jurgis also has experience in campaigning, corporate education, media consulting, and many other socially responsible activities. He’s hosted TV shows, sat on the board of NGOs and has entertained practically everywhere: from arenas packed with thousands of people, to corporate boardrooms, TEDx events, and even kindergartens. Jurgis lives his adolescent fantasy, but he is also good at constructively explaining “why” and “how” he does it, infecting others along the way. He has forged a reputation as an outspoken, forward-thinking performer, songwriter, and musical activist who has as much to say as he has to play.

A firm believer in the power of social awareness, he is currently exploring disruptive models and innovative practices with his music, and looking for ways to employ it for a change. One such example is #reanimacija, an initiative that promotes music (and other art forms) as a means of social healing, exchange, and catharsis. Another is Values for Values, an educational and consultancy service that addresses corporate culture, employee engagement, and introduces organizations to the possibilities of the broader social dimension through the help of music, creative storytelling, and comedy.