Jurgita Jurkute campaigns to encourage the women in Lithuania to achieve for emotional and personal growth through higher self esteem. She advocates for a necessity to find time for personal needs and be open to the help of others. Jurgita has joined minds and hands with the likeminded people to create a social space for women called Trys seserys (Three Sisters), a second-hand boutique  that puts its profits towards the seminars with professionals meant to empower women.

Trys seserys project came to life as an outcome of personal need to break the silence after two close to her people committed suicide. Jurgita is speaking up for people of her fate and challenges the silence that often follows a suicide in the family. She believes that understanding of these feelings instead of hiding them can help to reduce Lithuania's troublingly high suicide rate.

For the last decade Jurgita has been a well-known television presenter, actor and recently  a social activist. She uses her popularity in Lithuania to talk about issues related to the suicides and openly shares her personal feelings.

Jurgita has a degree in Acting from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater and a degree in Social Work from Vilnius University.