Have you ever heard of a word “enough”? Definitely not us. And Marcus is here to prove that.

After Marcus took the TEDxVilnius stage as a speaker both in 2011 and 2012, and hosted TEDxVilnius in 2013, and both TEDxKids@Vilnius and TEDxVilnius in 2015 he is coming back to host our 6th TEDxVilnius!

Marcus works with schools, teachers and students to create better life chances for all. Bryanston Square, which he co­founded, is now recognised as one of the leaders in educational and future’s thinking and implementation, where he and his team work together with both many school leaders and individual students.

Marcus’ thought‐provoking and entertaining manner of delivery stimulates ideas and discussion in audiences around the world where he is well known figure in educational and commercial circles. He chairs a small Academy Group, travels extensively for his charity work (with young people) and is always amazed at the skills and talents residing within people of all ages.

We are happy to say ­- welcome back, Marcus!