Date: 2017-06-10
Place: Lithuanian National Drama Theater
Registration was open until 21st May. As of now you can register for a waiting list, in case some of the participants decline their participation. We will gladly review your application and inform you whether you have been selected. 

Have you ever wondered what is the actual potential of the world?
How would the world look like, if all opinions and talents had the same opportunity to freely reveal and implement their ideas - no matter their race, gender or religion?
Where would the diverse collaboration lead us if societies were more and truly open?

Can we find it out? Together? We believe that the best and most needed innovations are achieved only when each and every person has the voice in the room.

So we invite you to Syzygy - an open space, where all opinions - whether alike or opposite - meet, relate and act together.
Where controversial discussions do not confront us, but rather show us the scope of possibilities.
Where economic, social and technological advancements are proven to be achieved through and because of our differences.

Join us for a day of curiosity, exploration and invention. And let’s find out where it can take us. Together.