Matas Jankauskas has started to construct copters at the age of 14! “It was a difficult beginning and it took some time”, - Matas says,  - “I was browsing the forums and trying to get the answers, how to make a copter. A few years ago there were no precise instructions how to do that. Step by step it happened and at the age of 16 I was already making calls to get my own clients”.

Now Matas is using his copters in the real estate business. He is working with a company from South Florida and taking photos of the real estate for two years.

Want to know how to manage a copter? How to take wonderful photos with it? Come to the Makers' fair! Matas is going to show some serious stuff!

"Here is my my first copter"!

This photo was selected as “Photo of the day” at “GoPro” daily photo contest. “Almost fell off my chair, when I saw this photo got 1 500 votes just in a half of the day”, - Matas laughs.

Matas shows his work: