We invite you to join us for TEDxVilniusLive -- TEDGlobal2014 “South!” Simulcast event that will happen on Wednesday, October 8th at Rupert, center for art and education (Meskeriotoju 33, LT-10100 Vilnius).

This year TEDGlobal is moving to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Copacabana beach. The entire conference will focus on the Global South’s rise in influence and power -- plus share relevant stories from the rest of the world.

We will be streaming three of TEDGlobal2014 sessions:

17:30 - 19:00

Session 5: Urban Canvas

Robert Muggah | Megacities expert

Joanna Wheeler | Social change activist

Su Yunsheng | Urban planner

Haas & Hahn | Favela painters

Batalha do Passinho | Funk dancers

Grimanesa Amoros | Interdisciplinary artist

19:10 - 20:40

Session 2: Digital Reboot

Zeynep Tufekci | Techno-sociologist

Pia Mancini | Democracy activist

Alessandra Orofino | Political mobilization activist

Gustavo Ollitta | Buugeng juggler

Glenn Greenwald | Journalist

Andy Yen | Secure email developer

20:45 - 22:15

Session 6: Empowering Tech

Rodrigo Baggio | Digital inclusionist

Bruno Torturra | Livestreaming activist

Steve Song | Telecommunications activist

Syed Karim | Internet datacaster

Ana Tijoux | Singer-songwriter

Miguel Nicolelis | Neuroscientist

Full TEDGlobal2014 program is available here.

Space is limited (and we will probably have more people registered than we can accommodate), so, please, register ONLY if you’re sure you can come! The registration form is available here.

The registration is open until the morning of Wednesday, October 8th.

Doors open at 17:00. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.

See you on Wednesday!

The TEDxVilnius Team