We are very proud and happy to announce that TEDxVilnius 2014 speaker Julija Ladygienė was awarded the “Campus” prize at the “Campus Vilnius” conference, which is an exclusive seminar for teachers aiming to help them understand global changes and apply them in their daily work.

Julija Ladygienė is a teacher and a member of “Let’s Teach” program, which is a part of “Teach for All” global network. “Campus Vilnius“ organizers described Julija as an exceptional example - she inspires hard work and her continuous application of various methods helps inspire both the individual pupil and the classroom environment as a whole.

During her TEDxVilnius 2014 talk, Julija described her teaching experience as a funfair rollercoaster so we were curious to ask how does it feel now. “It still feels the same - it would be weird if I felt otherwise,” said Julija smiling, “It would be a sign that me and my pupils are not moving forward anymore. Every day brings something new, shakes my experiences up, throws me somewhere high, wide and deep. If you want your mind and intuition to work, first you have to make your heart beat”.

When asked how she feels about the prize, Julija said that it is a huge and very important award. “It means a lot that my work, which is hard, full of challenges and always enriching, has not been left unnoticed. On the other hand, I have never been shy about my work and would always share the achievements however small or challenges however big with my colleagues around. Finally, I have found my methods and I am sharing those with few hundreds of teachers all around the country”.

So what is the secret formula for successful teaching? “Most importantly - just be yourself,” Julija replies, “I think teachers should not follow other methods, but find out what is truly theirs. I’ve noticed that when one doesn’t need to act as a big authority to pupils anymore, it becomes much easier to become more honest and close with them. Also, it is very important to accept kids as they are. Not as a problem, but as a reality. And then ask - what can I do with it?”.

See Julija talk about the award (in Lithuanian) here.

See Julija’s talk at TEDxVilnius 2014 where she reveals secret formula for successful teaching here.