Same as every year, we’re organizing additional activities around TEDxVilnius event. This year we will have Kids Hack Day taking place in Vilnius. This inspiring event is organized together with Carl Bärstad, Robotics School in Vilnius and Embassy of Sweden. It will be a relaxed and fun hacking afternoon with a group of thirty kids who are curious to learn!

Inspired by the global hackerspace movement and the lack of technology-related play and creativity in the classroom, Kids Hack Day is a means of closing the gap between education and technological creativity. It aims to revolutionize how we immerse children in emerging technologies.

Kids Hack Day is a 1-day event where children and adults come together to "hack" and make new uses of every day items. They will create, for example, instruments out of bananas, games out of cardboard and conductive ink, and tinker with gadgets and electronics. In a world that's changing at an exponential pace, never has cross-generational learning been as important as it is today. If we don't understand the technology that builds our world, how will we ever be able to feel engaged in it?

When: Wednesday, February 20th, 13:00.
Where: Robotics School, A. Gostauto 12-328
How can I get my kid involved? Just register!