Come join us to hear great talks from TED 2016 conference live in Vilnius!

TED's legendary annual conference, hosted by TED's curator Chris Anderson will feature world-renowned thinkers, artists and storytellers, who will share their greatest ideas and dreams.

On 17th February, 6pm at Paviljonas (Pylimo str. 21B, Vilnius) we will be streaming some of the TED 2016 sessions live and we invite you to join us on this big day for all TED lovers!

The whole event will be held in English and is free of charge, but as the number of seats is limited, we kindly ask you to register for the event by February 17th, 10am.

We will be streaming these two sessions:

18:30-20:15 | Session 6: Code Power

Linus Torvalds | Software engineer

Rashma Saujani | Education activist

Meron Gribetz | Augmented reality startup CEO

Mary Norris | Copy editor

R. Luke DuBois | Artist, composer, engineer

Raffaello D’Andrea | Autonomous system pioneer

21:00-22:45 | Session 7: Imagine there’s no countries

Parag Khanna | Global strategist

Dalia Mogahed | Muslim studies scholar

Amit Sood | Technologist

Christiana Figueres | Climate advocate

Hugh Evans | Humanitarian

Here is full TED 2016 program:

See you soon and don't forget to register!