Dear TEDxVilnius,

I’m sitting in my office in London having returned from Vilnius with my brain buzzing.  I am still getting to grips with what you (we) all made happen. The Diaspora of which I now feel such a part came together before my eyes in a one-day-long Big Bang. A HUGE BIG BANG of people, emotions, dreams and futures. The wonderful people who collectively made up the Organisers, Volunteers and Sponsors and their hard work before, during and now after, made this possible. 

An amazing, lifelong, achievement, sparking off a positive virus which will infect many others. It was fantastic to see the virus spread so very quickly to participants, journalists, camera people. Everyone was touched by something special. We are all carriers of the virus, ready to infect others.

So I need to thank all of you – each and every one - for inviting me, bearing with me and most importantly allowing me to play a small part in this development. It was a real privilege. Actually, it was FANTASTIC.

I’m so looking forward to seeing the outputs on line. But more so, I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens, from hearing from people who connected, from people who were inspired to do something: to unlock themselves.

Thank you so very much.

Marcus Orlovsky