With Indian summer on the go, TEDxVilnius team starts with a new season! New formats of TEDxVilniusSalon, TEDxKids@Vilnius, new TEDxVilnius venue and so much more! Here’s what we’ve got:

TEDxVilniusSalon events

TEDxVilniusSalon events are all about community. We want to maintain excitement between the standard TEDxVilnius events and spark interactive discussion on issues that interest our Vilnius community. Unlike standard TEDx events, Salons will be smaller (up to 100 people), focused on one single topic (different each time) and invite you all to dive into discussion after watching a TEDTalk.

Planned dates: September 29th, January 26/31, May 18/22.

Venue: CiopCiop, host of all future TEDxVilniusSalon events.

Registration to September 29th Salon will open next week.


We will again simulcast two annual TED conferences, both with 6-10 hour difference, so be prepared for comfy beanbags and long nights again!

TEDxVilniusLive from TEDGlobal 2014: South! October 14th. Registration will open early October.

TEDxVilniusLive from TED 2015: Truth and Dare March 18th. Registration will open early March.

TEDxKids@Vilnius: Day in a Future School

We’re bringing completely new TEDx format to Vilnius! 2 events in 1 day: hands-on experience for kids and a regular TEDx for adults.

TEDxKids@Vilnius will be a demo of the school day in a future: day when school is fun and engaging, when children ask questions, when they are entrepreneurs, when they are hackers and creators of the world around them.

Date: Saturday, January 10

Venue: Arts Printing House

Registration will open mid October.

More about TEDxKids: http://bit.ly/1xQpFuR

TEDxVilnius 2015

This will mark a 5th year and 5th event for the TEDxVilnius team. 750 attendees, 20+ amazing speakers, spacious social spaces and… new venue! We’re excited to be moving to Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, which was our dream for the past few years.

Date: Saturday, April 11

Venue: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

Registration will open early 2015.