Exciting news - Peter Madsen's talk was chosen to be one of the TEDx Talks Editor's Picks for this week. You can find the Editor's Picks on the TEDx Talks site here: http://tedxtalks.ted.com.

People used to told him, that his dream to go to the space is doomed and that he won’t stand a chance of doing anything close to that. So he chose other dimensions and started building submarines. Now he can proudly tell, that a couple of a thousand people were with him, on his submarine for underwater expeditions. And he also got to build the largest private submarine in the world called Nautilus. That got him into pleasant acquittance with admiral from US Navy. He was the person, who give him an idea, how to continue pursue space flight dream. The answer was – international waters in the Baltic sea. And since technology is quite evolved compared to 60's or 70's, it is much cheaper to build a real flying rocket which potentially could carry a man.

See full Peter's talk from TEDxVilnius 2014 here.