Hi TEDx’ers!

We’re beyond excited to invite you for a TEDxKids@Vilnius premiere that will happen Saturday, January 10th at the Arts Printing House. Registration starts today and ends on Wednesday, November 12.


Day in A Future School!

Having the world as diverse and dynamic as it is now, and technology and science advancement in it’s fastest pace – we have no idea what the most popular future professions will look like. No one also knows what skills and knowledge people will need in 15 or 20 years from now.

To be able to live in such world people also need diverse skills and creative abilities to make best of it. Shouldn’t primary education be the first step to acquire those skills?

TEDxKids@Vilnius will be a demo of the school day in the future: day when school is fun and engaging, when children ask questions, when they are entrepreneurs, when they are hackers and creators of the world around them.

While 300 adults will be treated to an overwhelming all-day TEDx program of leading thinkers, innovators and education experts from all over the world, 50 kids (6 to 12 year old) will dive deep into a rich mix of workshops encouraging them to play, be creative and discover their talent in the most unexpected ways.

Read full TEDxKids@Vilnius concept here

First speakers and mentors to join this adventure are: 

 Agnė Matulaitė
 Ben Halpert
 Gever Tulley
 Marcus Orlovsky
 Peter Madsen
 Ritik Mehta

Registration starts today and ends on Wednesday, November 12th.

TEDxKids@Vilnius, January 10th: when school of the future is NOW!


The TEDxVilnius Team