TEDxVilnius is happy to invite you to register for the very first TEDxVilniusSalon event that will happen Monday, September 29th at the culinary loft ČiopČiop.

As mentioned before, TEDxVilniusSalon are meant to keep TEDxVilnius community active in between the main events; they are all about community and unlike standard TEDx events, smaller (up to 100 people), focused on one single topic (different each time) and very interactive.

Salon events format is as simple as that: we invite you to watch a TED video, join an open discussion and network.

First TEDxVilniusSalon event will celebrate theme The Good Country Index. We will ask you to think of what actually a good country is and what are the right indexes to measure its goodness?

We hope to see you here and find answers together!

Event date & time:  Monday, September 29th, 19:00.

Venue: ČiopČiop; Žvejų g. 2, Vilnius

Registration form: http://bit.ly/1qcc0Yq

Registration is available until Monday, September 22nd

Seats available: 50. Please, register ONLY if you’re sure to attend.

Entrance is free but with confirmation only.

In case you have any questions, please, contact Indre at indre@tedxvilnius.com.