Although TEDxVilnius talks are always given in English, this year we're willing to make an exception and have one talk in Lithuanian. So we threw a challenge for Claudio and Muezz (from Bliu Bliu team): to prepare a TEDx Talk in a perfect Lithuanian language. And it got accepted!

The conditions are simple: they have one month to send us 6min talk proposal and if it works, we include them in the TEDxVilnius program on April 11th. On March 1st we meet and listen to them deliver that talk to the curatorial TEDxVilnius team.

Now they are asking for YOUR help!

If you have seen our videos you know how much we can talk and how much we cannot talk in Lithuanian. Here some useful advice when you talk with us.

We don’t want to do language practice, we just want to talk to you in Lithuanian and we want you to talk to us in Lithuanian.

  • Come and visit us for a coffee
  • Send us audios and videos where you talk to us in Lithuanian
  • Invite us for dinner (we can cook)
  • Invite us to see where your work or study
  • Introduce us to your family, to your grandmother, to Dalia Grybauskaitė
  • Take us on a field trip toget to know Lithuania better
  •  Comment on our Facebook in Lithuanian
  • Share our posts and videos
  • Talk to your journalists friends about our challenge
  • Help us discovering videos where they speak Lithuanian and they have subtitles in Lithuanian

Read more here.

Good luck, guys -- we just can't wait to see results!