Social cleavages. Challenges. Unexpected places. How many times are people left behind simply because they did not have the opportunity to give a strong statement about their existence? How many times were they knocked down and how did they stand back up?

We're proud to be a part of spreading TED ideas around the globe, as our team member Eglė Kruliauskaitė and past speaker Nate Mook brought TEDxKamitiPrison to life: an event to showcase the amazing and often unheralded work that goes on within and beyond the walls of prison.

The first ever TEDx event in an African Prison and the first ever held in a Maximum Security Prison anywhere in the world. It provided an important opportunity for many whose voices are often unheard to share their ideas and work and to share a more positive image of prisons as a place of learning and rehabilitation. While the videos are still in editing, here are some of the pictures from the event. TEDx once again was used as a tool to sparkle conversation in the most vulnerable place.

TEDxKamitiPrison 2015

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