As we're more than excited about amazing Saturday and still living in those unique moments, we would like to thank YOU all once again for being together, sharing positive energy and making it that BIG. We hope TEDxVilnius inspired you and made you to believe in the idea of the future, which really belongs to us!

We would also like to share an open letter from our wonderful TEDxVilnius 2014 speaker coach John K. Bates. Enjoy!

Dear Sponsors & Volunteers,

You recently did something that made a difference which is, even now, reverberating around the world. And, amazingly enough, instead of fading, it is actually growing before my eyes as I witness even a few of the conversations that began at TEDxVilnius.

There are hardly words to express my gratitude to you for your part in making TEDxVilnius possible for everyone who has been affected by it. And many were affected deeply by this event, which was only made possible by what you contributed.

Personally, I also thank you for being willing to bring me so far, treat me so well and for allowing me to participate in something as moving and personal to Vilnius, Lithuania and the world, as TEDxVilnius. I am grateful, honored and proud to be a part of this event and the auspicious beginnings it has generated.

I love Vilnius, and even more, the people I have met here. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your part in making this possible, for bringing me here and for making me feel so welcome.


PS Flash wants to be sure you know that he feels the same and that he appreciates the extra effort and attention that was required so he could join us. "Woof, aaaahoooo, oooooooo."