How do extraordinary individuals differ in their nonverbal communication?

We'd like to introduce you a special project from TEDxVilnius 2015 by our photographer Jurga Anusauskienė, where she has captured the body language of speakers.

Jurga came up with an idea to shoot speakers' body language early before the TEDxVilnius 2015 event. As the spoken language accounts for only minority of communication, Jurga shows ideas, thoughts, intentions, or feelings expressed by physical behaviors, such as facial expressions, body postures, gestures and the use of space. The main source of inspiration for these works is Jurga's experience of capturing wild animals in the nature, their interactions and behaviors.  

We're very proud to share these wonderful works with you and one more time - big thanks to Jurga!

See full album here:

These amazing works by Jurga are also featured on TED Blog: Does body language help a TED Talk go viral? 5 nonverbal patterns from blockbuster talks