Dear TEDx'ers, 

As we're keeping TEDxVilnius speaker and very active community member Tomas Dobrovolskis in our hearts and prayers, it is still difficult to find appropriate words to express our feelings towards this loss. We'd like also to share some thoughts from our community members. Read a letter from our long time community member, speaker and events' host Marcus Orlovsky.

"It’s taken me some time to get to grips with all of this and what my thoughts really are.  In truth, I cannot quite fathom that the work which Thomas was doing won’t continue to evolve.  There is so much more we could have learned from him: there are so many people who won’t be enthralled by what he does did: there is so much the world has lost because of the actions of some people who probably had no idea of what they had done, and the loss that they were inflicting on all of us.  But Thomas has left us a wonderful legacy, so he does continue to live on and for that we should be thankful.  I, for one, feel privileged to have met him, been in his car, enjoyed his company, and to have been in wonder at his ability to have created joy from garbage.  He was a wonderful guy and has me changed for the better.  To this day every thine I see a rounded  look Lampshade I wonder what music lies within it, waiting to be released:  when I hear paper being torn I remember his work at TEDxVilnius and I find myself tearing paper to a rythm. For someone to have touched us all, and for me to have instant  recall on something as normal as tearing paper is a fantastic testament to him.  The people who did this should hang their heads in shame. 

I am not good enough at putting my emotions in a mail. 

I feel deeply, deeply, hurt but equally deeply thankful that Ruta and her team introduced me to Thomas and grateful that I had the opportunity to fleetingly interact with him and that our lives intersected.  I only hope that his wife and children realise and appreciate the strength of feeling he left behind.  I know that the fire which he ignited  in me will never be extinguished.   

He continues to live on in me, and I am sure in all of us who were fortunate enough to have met or seen him in life."


Also we'd like to share a condolence note from our John K. Bates, long time TEDster and TEDxVilnius 2014 speaker coach.

"A Hero of Mine Has Just Died"

"I just got the news that Tomas Dobrovolskis of Vilnius, Lithuania has died. A very bright light in the world has just been extinguished.

He performed at TEDxVilnius last year and was going to do a workshop at TEDxKids in Vilnius coming up. He was someone I connected with immediately. His impish smile and his many great stories made him a joy to be around. He was present. He was inspiring. He was inspire-able. He was so alive."

Read full condolence message here.

As Tomas constantly cared so much about us, we feel our responsibility to help his family at this very difficult moment. Tomas was the only one supporting his family financially, and we’re asking you all, if you can, to support his family by making a donation to his family’s bank account:

Akvilė Dobrovolskė



"Parama Tomui"