The importance of bringing bright, curious, sharp minds together has always been at the core of what we do. And never before have we felt the need so strong to gather us all together, listen better, speak up louder, do more.

Current events have shown that democracies, wellbeing and peace can never be taken for granted. It has also shown that we all can and should do our part in cherishing and protecting them. So let’s keep doing our part, together.

On the 24th of April, we invite you to TEDxVilniusLive 2022, where we will screen selected talks from TED 2022: A New Era and meet to expand our minds for the futures ahead. To explore different expressions of who we can become. To experience togetherness and help those in need.

After covering minimal event-related expenses, all ticket income will be donated to organizations helping Ukraine and Ukrainians. Detailed info on the selected organizations and donation report will be announced during the event and once the event concludes.

What can you expect?

· Two selected sessions from TED 2022 .

· A session of cultural and social workshops, held by talents from and around Vilnius.

· A couple hundred of sharp and curious minds to share your experience with.


Below you can see a preliminary program - final details, including the selected TED sessions and workshops will be announced on our  Facebook event  and with registered participants.

      3-3:30pm  Gathering, networking

      3:30-5pm   Session #1 from TED

      5-5:30pm   Break. A bar will be open to purchase drinks & snacks

      5:30-7pm   Cultural & social workshops. If you prefer, you can opt in to watch Session #2 from TED instead

      7pm-…      Let’s continue our conversations & meet in the city. Location TBA

The event will be held in English.

This is the time in history when all of us have to do what we can and when strong community bonds and unity matter more than ever. We hope you will join us on April 24th!