Hello, TEDx’ers!

One more great occasion to get together with all TED enthusiasts shortly after the TEDxVilnius took place. Our team invites you to join us for TED2014 “The Next Chapter” Simulcast -- a TEDxVilniusLive event that will gather together a TEDx community to watch a live stream of the TED conference and to get “a taste of TED.” The event will take place on March 18th at Rupert, arts and education centre (33 Meškeriotojų str., Vilnius).

2014 marks TED’s 30th anniversary, and the theme for TED2014 is simply this: “The Next Chapter.” We’ll be seeking to understand what are truly the most significant developments of the last 30 years ... and applying that knowledge to understand what’s ahead.

Entire TED conference will be held in English. Space is limited, so we invite you to register by filling this form. The registration is open until the morning of Tuesday, March 18th.

We will be streaming these TED2014 sessions:

17:30-19:15 Session 2: Retrospect

Bran Ferren | Technology designer
Marc Kushner | Architect
Yoruba Richen | Documentary filmmaker
Mark Ronson | Music Producer and DJ

20:00-21:45 Session 3: Reshape

Matthew Carter | Type designer
Amanda Burden | Urban planner
David Kwong | Cruciverbalist
Gavin Schmidt | Climate scientist
Peggy Liu | Sustainability catalyst
Michel Laberge | Plasma physicist

23:00-00:15 All-Stars Session 1: Planet Dearth

Wade Davis | Anthropologist, ethnobotanist
Sylvia Earle | Oceanographer
Stewart Brand | Environmentalist, futurist
George Dyson | Historian of science
Bonnie Bassler | Molecular biologist
Amory Lovins | Physicist, energy guru
Edward Burtynsky | Photographer
David Gallo | Oceanographer
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala | Economist
Robert Full | Biologist
Imogen Heap | Diva

00:45-02:00 All-Stars Session 2: Beauty and the Brain

Tierney Thys | Marine biologist
Dan Gilbert | Psychologist; happiness expert
Emily Levine | Philosopher-comic
David Brooks | Columnist
Jane McGonigal | Game Designer
Neil Turok | Physicist, education activist
Rory Sutherland | Advertising guru
Philip Zimbardo | Psychologist
Taylor Wilson | Nuclear scientist
Jill Bolte Taylor | Neuroanatomist
William Kamkwamba | Inventor

03:00-04:45 Session 4: Wish

Zak Ebrahim | Peace activist
Melinda Gates (with Bill) | Philanthropist
Bill Gates (with Melinda) | Philanthropist
Charmian Gooch | Anti-corruption activist
Sting | Composer, singer, author, actor, activist

Full program of TED2014 is available here. The venue will be open at 17:00. You’re welcome to bring some snacks and we’ll offer you coffee and tea as well.

We just can't wait to see you!

TEDxVilnius team