Have you ever wondered that TED’s motto “ideas worth spreading” should be followed by initiatives “work worth doing”? We surely did. At the previous event we discussed ideas for education, for our cities, and for our societies. But what comes next?

Our team is thrilled to watch all the magical moments, inspirational talks and ideas turning into powerful actions and initiatives that follows afterwards. We'd like to share one beautiful initiative that has come to the world right after TEDxVilnius 2014 -- "Neighbors‘ bookshelf". Enjoy and don't hesitate to share your story as well!

We met at the event and listened to great speeches of great people who wanted to inspire us to benefit, to improve, to move forward and encouraged us to achieve more than there might be expected. Inspiration is a good thing, though the real inspiration should last and be strong enough to take further steps. So we took a step forward. 

So we met at the event – Dovydas, Martynas and Akvile. An idea appeared while having a conversation and we called it "Neighbors‘ bookshelf", where the bookshelf/bookrack is placed at public premises of a community house/apartment and everyone can leave a book (books) they‘ve already read and want to share with the others (aka neighbors) or just borrow a book for reading. 

At the time we were having our bookshelf under construction we met a friendly neighbor who got involved in the project right away and shared his own book. Pretty soon we had a couple more neighbors who gladly took a book to read. We designed an account/page in a social network www.facebook.com/kaimynuknygos where we got some pretty quick positive responses from people who just got inspired and kind of charmed how amazingly simple to carry out this project really was. 

Something to think about. Any book of the "Neighbors’ bookshelf" contains much more than a bunch of pages with plain information in it. It‘s not only about a book we share. Every book in the shelf is a possible start for a brand new connection, decreasing isolation, fascinating discussion, positive emotions, unexpected discoveries or just a beginning of a pretty good day. The Good is hiding just behind the corner. Perhaps even behind the corner of your old good staircase. 

What might happen in the future if we effectively ignite this project: neighborhood gatherings with nice chats and cup of tea together, an inspiring discussion, a poetry event or a charming Sunday afternoon talking over the topics of the books we read. It depends on us. The Future Is Ours. Indeed.