The quality of TEDxVilnius events improves every year. The majority of this success depends on financial and in-kind involvement of TEDxVilnius partners. And we are truly grateful to all of our partners who have been with TEDxVilnius for more than one year.

In 2016 TEDxVilnius team has ambition to significantly change the format of the event to create even more inspiring experiences. 

To make this happen we are calling for you! Currently we are open for new corporate partners to join TEDxVilnius family. This is a great opportunity for companies to create mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationship with TEDxVilnius community of intelligent, innovative, tuned-in decision makers.

If you know what we do, if you like what we do, if you have attended TEDxVilnius events or are planning to do so, we need your contribution. We ask you to think if the company that you work for / have good relation with / you know as forward-thinking would be interested in supporting TEDxVilnius events. Please share this post or contact details below with the decision makers of this company and help us create even greater events this year!

By taking action you will contribute in creating a memorable experience to everybody - event attendees, speakers and your company. 

To discuss available partnership options, please contact us at

We’re looking for partners for both TEDxVilnius 2016 and TEDxKids@Vilnius 2016.