Gever Tulley is the founder of Tinkering School, an internationally known  summer program for children. He is also the founder of SF Brightworks,  an innovative K-12 school in San Francisco that emphasizes experience-based, hands-on, experiential learning. As Gever notes: “I have made it my mission to re-introduce the world to children: the real world as revealed through unscripted, hands-on, meaningful learning  experiences.“

Gever is an author of the book Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do), the TED book Dangerism!, and the children's book The Little Girl Who Sneezed.

At TEDxKids@Vilnius Gever will lead a tinkering workshop for kids and will share his insights with the adults.

Tinkering workshop

Gever Tulley presents an opportunity to practice the art of tinkering. There is a whole world of possibilities hidden away in the most unexpected materials. We will play with small electric motors and see what wonders we can discover.