Peter Madsen is an explorer, who excels in making fantastic dreams come true. He fervently hopes to go where no one has gone before and explore unknown worlds. In 2001, he constructed the first self-built submarine in Denmark, and for the next eight years he led submerged expeditions in three self-built submarines. The last and most advanced, Nautilus, is the world's largest amateur-built submarine. Nautilus is roughly half the size of the Danish naval submarines until 2005. Submersible vessels made Peters name widely known, but he didn't stop there.

In 2008 Peter, along with Kristian von Bengtson, started a new project, leading to the building of the world's first self-built spaceship. The story about the prototype amateur spaceship "Tycho Brahe", carried by the most powerful amateur rocket ever flown, hits the media world in 2011.

Peter is now full time working on a new and improved version of the rocket, that ultimately will send a small capsule, carrying Peter himself, into space. It all takes place in Rocket Madsen Space Lab on Refshaleøen, in the middle of Copenhagen.

Peter is already known for TEDxVilnius 2014 audience when his talk was chosen to be one of the TEDx Talks Editor's Picks for the week. Now he is coming back to hit the stage with his new story and leading a space rocket workshop for kids.

Peter's Workshop

In Peter’s workshop kids will get to build a large thermal airships and fly them inside the Arts Printing House -- how cool is that!