Ritik Mehta is 14 - year old who started his fascination with 3D printing back in 2011 at TEDxKids@Brussels. This fascination led him from mastering the technology to understanding its potential and from educating his peers to helping the needy. Since then Ritik helped organise the last 4 editions of TEDxYouth@Flanders and also spoke at one. Besides being active in the 3D printing community and expressing his thoughts on the future of his generation, Ritik helps with Eyes for the World, a charity that brings eye care to needy children in Africa and Asia. He started a commercial venture to sell 3D printed eyewear to fund his ideas for Eyes for the World of 3D printed glasses for the needy.

As Forbes stated: "Not many people his age can claim an association with a technology as emergent as 3D printing, a non-profit organization, and the phenomenal TEDx, all at once.”

Ritik will share his extraordinary story and along with it will lead a 3D printing workshop for children.

3D printing workshop

The workshop will teach kids how to make 3D designs so they can start exploring the world of 3D printing. Kids will be taught the basics and then will be making their own keychain using the tools they learned earlier.