Simas Janulis is an educator, focusing on creativity and fun side of science. While studying physics he started to harness non academical part of science. First he started to perform physics show, then was involved in a lot of science popularising events, festivals and projects.

After studies together with friends he co-founded NGO “Mokslas ir Menas” (Science and Art) where idea was to bring together people from different creative fields to learn, create, disseminate and educate together.

After working in creative learning projects in Lithuanian schools with “Creative partnerships” recently he came back to the roots and established “Mokslas Šventei” (Science for the Feast) – organisation, where fun side of science is used to entertain and involve people in learning.

Being a foody person on TEDxKids@Vilnius Simas will be combining few of the things, that matters to him – science, fun and cooking in Sweet molecular gastronomy workshop for kids.

Sweet molecular gastronomy workshop

Kids will learn how to combine science, fun and cooking.