The Walkabout Family are Rodrigo Viterbo, Teresė Dedūraitė and Markus.

Rodrigo was a bullying victim for three years in school, together with a wrong vocational choice this led him to some negative behaviors. Then he discovered the didgeridoo. The didgeridoo is a musical instrument from the aboriginal people of Australia. He learnt how to play and make didgeridoos by himself and eventually found his place in society. Rodrigo has been spreading the awareness of this instrument and the culture behind it.

Teresė studied fine arts and scenography in Vilnius. Her family, the arts and travels had a great influence on her way of being and on her perception of the importance of the cultural dialogue.

Rodrigo and Teresė met in a small industrial city of Portugal and they understood they wanted to spend the journey of life together. They invited Markus to join them. He will be one year old, two days after TEDxKids@Vilnius.

The Walkabout Family is interested in how the experience of arts and entrepreneurship can influence kids to make better choices for their lives, with the Family values always present. How can we help the others grow and transform themselves like they did? This is what drives this family each day!

Rodrigo will be playing the didgeridoo on stage to spread the vibration of this amazing instrument with the audience.