Urban Dance Theatre “Low Air” is innovative, younger Lithuanian generation dance theatre that combines urban and contemporary dance elements. Theatre brings unique dance forms and synthesis into contemporary Lithuanian dance landscape. Theatre founders and choreographers Laurynas Zakevicius and Airida Gudaite established the first professional urban dance theatre in Lithuania, “Low Air”, in order to uncover the artistic potential of urban dance styles and introduce it to theatre lovers across the country and debuted with their first dance performance Feel Link in the Arts Printing House | Young Stage Artists’ program Open Space back in 2011. The Ensemble-debut showed a reflection on the impalpability on feelings in a modern society and were nominated for the highest performing arts award in Lithuania - Golden Stage Cross. In 2014 Airida and Laurynas won the Golden Stage Cross Award as best choreographers for their second piece “Home Trip” that presents a fusion of dance, theatre, music and literature and has in its center relationships of parents with their grown up children. In 2015 two young choreographers presented innovative third performance based on ballet and orchestral concert work by composer Igor Stravinsky “The Rite of Spring” which claims to be the first urban interpretation by this piece in the world.

Airida Gudaite is a professional dance teacher who gained her bachelors and master’s degree in dance education in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Since she was first time introduced to the art of dance at the age of 6, Airida has traveled the world to deepen her dance skills. From ballet to gaga, from axis syllabus to jazz, from Horton to hip hop. Airida, Golden Stage Cross awarded dancer, is one of a kind that can be met in the underground dance battle and theatre dance scene.

Laurynas Zakevicius is a social pedagogue who uses the artistic potential of dance in resocialization of young souls. He was working in juvenile system and spread the ideas of urban dance among kids in foster care. Laurynas is an open minded dancer who being an awarded break dancer studied contemporary techniques: gaga, harton, play-fight, release and other to prepare his body instrument for materialisation of his choreographic ideas. Laurynas, Golden Stage Cross awarded dancer, focuses on socially vulnerable ideas that are spoken through dance in “Low Air” work.