Time: January 28th, 2017

Place: Vilnius Tech Park (Antakalnio str. 17, Vilnius)

Registration: closed.

True innovation prospers in the environment of encouraged creativity, which can be achieved only where joy of discovery and failure of experiment are celebrated with same positivity and playfulness.

How can we apply this principle everywhere we are - family, school, work and most importantly - whole education system? How can we embrace fun in thinking, creating, learning and even failing?


To answer that, TEDxVilniusED* will bring together 7-13 year-olds, teachers, parents and education enthusiasts to discuss, challenge and refine education. We will merge fun and deep concentration, theory and practise, technology and art, success and failure, knowledge and obscurity.

During one-day workshops and lectures, together with experienced educators, innovators and scientists we will tease minds-on and hands-on approaches and will wrap them into playfulness - the inevitable component of future learning.

Minds-On. In this part we will explore how to THINK and LEARN. We will learn how to encourage and boost our creativity and imagination, using reflection, empathy, resilience and other ways to provoke and train our minds. We will achieve it through different workshops as well as listening to TED-format talks.


Hands-On. Here we will learn how to CREATE and DO. Children will actively engage in practical workshops, which may involve topics such as making, coding, photogrammetry, kinetic sculptures, wearables, data art, food technology among many more others. At the same time, adults will have several workshops organized specially for them on similar topics.


TEDxVilniusED will be a day full of creativity which we will experiment with through engagement and playful practice. Because as once said and thousand times proven, “Creativity is intelligence having fun!”


The event will have two separate parts: for children and for adults - teachers, parents, education enthusiasts.

CHILDREN’s (7-13 year-olds) program will start at 9AM and will last until 6PM. It will involve 5 different creative workshops, which will be led by educators, innovators and scientists. Children will be divided into two groups (30 kids per group) and supervised by facilitators. There will be 30min breaks in-between the workshops, as well as 1 hour break for lunch (lunch will be provided).

Workshops will be held in English, but there will be facilitators to help with translation, if needed.


ADULTS will have separate program, which will include two different practical workshops and TED-format talks. The program will start at 9:30AM and will last until 6PM. It’ll have two Workshop sessions as well as 2 TEDx talks sessions, which each will last 1.5 hours. There will be 30min breaks in between and long lunch break (lunch will be provided).

Talks will be held in English, but translation to Lithuanian will be provided as well.

Detailed program of the event can be found here.

Registration to the event is now closed.

*ED stands for Education